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"Hi, you've reached John Watson. I'm not available at the moment, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

time to blog
This is the How's My Driving post for John Watson at dramadramaduck. He is played by devilishkurumi for entertainment purposes only.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about how I play John here, feel free to drop a comment here and let me know. Anonymous is enabled, IP logging is disabled and all comments will be screened until I respond to them.

If you want to plot, you can also use this post to contact me, or you can PM me on either John's journal or my own, which is listed above. Your comments will be unscreened as promptly as possible.

Thanks for your time!
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[failed private] in which John has extensive debates with himself
that's gotta sting
Trying to get around town this time of year is murder.

And I think that might be the best play on words I've used in the last few months, given the calls my consulting detective flatmate has been getting lately. Tis the season, apparently. At least everything else seems to be working itself out.

I've still got to get Harry something for Christmas. It would be rude if I didn't, really. And... I wonder if you're even supposed to get people like Sherlock presents. He'd probably find it superfluous, so it really wouldn't be worth trying. And dealing with shopping at this time of year? Even online sites have embedded Christmas music, it seems. It's not really worth all the hassle.

Still, I suppose it wouldn't hurt.

[LOG] Resurrection Blues
well la de da
There's nothing to lose, really, except maybe everything.Collapse )

[LOG] Hangover Cures
so tired
Coffee is surprisingly useless as a hangover remedy, but John needs the caffeine.Collapse )


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