John H. Watson (timetoblog) wrote,
John H. Watson

[LOG] Resurrection Blues

There were a few things about this endeavor that John Watson thought to be nothing short of mad. For one - oh, Lord, who was he trying to kid? This entire thing was absolutely insane. Jack Harkness couldn't die. John had seen that, when he'd gone back into the community's archives to find the videos that Jack had mentioned the night before, and had seen it himself; Jack couldn't die. Okay. He had proof of that.

But this magic thing. This crazy idea that you could transfer one life to another? John was not, by any means, sure of that. But... at the same time, he couldn't help but want to go with it. Ianto had been a great guy. Honestly, probably one of the few actually, honestly nice people there were. He couldn't bring himself to watch that video - he needed to keep himself as professional as possible for this particular thing, and that sort of visual image would not help. And he figured, at the very least, he could be there to help Jack and this Sulu guy through what he was mostly expecting to be an utter failure of a resurrection.

He'd arrived almost forty minutes earlier than he'd been asked, and, after explaining himself to the desk of the ICU - in as vague terms as possible, mentioning Jack's name to three different receptionists before he got anywhere - he was given the chance to go over the ICU room that Jack had reserved for them, familiarizing himself with everything that he needed or might need. After checking everything over and, well, syncing himself up with the hospital, the feel of it and the announcements he heard, he wandered back to the ICU's desk to wait for Jack and get this underway. The sooner, the better, he figured, though he couldn't imagine why.
Tags: cr: ianto jones, cr: jack harkness, log: ianto jones, log: jack harkness
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